Berger Sabine

Sabine Berger is Senior Lecturer of the History of Medieval Art at the University Paris-Sorbonne, and is associated with the centre André-Chastel (UMR 8150), where she takes part in research for topics 1 (“Décors, monuments, paysages : approches globales du patrimoine”) and 4 (“Acteurs, institutions, réseaux : conditions socioculturelles de l’activité artistique”). Her doctoral thesis was on the subject of the municipal and artistic activity of the political circle of the King of France from 1270 to 1328. She is interested in construction, artistic commissions, culture, and the spirituality of royal counselors under the last direct Capetians and the Valois, as well as in notions of Court art, and patronage circa 1300, and Gothic architecture of the twelfth to fifteenth centuries in Île-de-France.

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