DIASCOM, Diasporas, communitarianism and re-displacement in colonial and post-colonial contexts in the 19th and 21st centuries. DIASCOM, is a research programme initiated as part of the research of Theme 1 “People and goods in mobility” of CRHIA (Research Centre for International and Atlantic History) of the University of Nantes.

This is a large-scale programme that will enable a series of workshops and publications to be organised between 2020 and 2025, and the creation of an international scientific network of researchers making it possible to carry out an extensive cross-referencing of the analyses carried out on these migratory phenomena. DIASCOM addresses the diasporas generated by the slave trade, and in general indenturism and forced emigration, at the time when European empires were expanding. It also studies diaspora returnees and the contemporary effects of these diasporas in the 19th and 20th centuries.


Drawing on the expertise of LIPE, the DIASCOM programme aims to promote the integration of these issues into the European school curricula.


DIASCOM’s objective is to lay the foundations for large-scale and long-term work by studying diasporas in the colonial and postcolonial context in its broadest sense, and by bringing together a large number of researchers from various disciplinary fields.

This programme also aims to initiate measured dialogue with these diasporic communities and engage them in groundbreaking projects in collaboration with memory and identity associations. This will allow the emerging reflections to be understood both as objects of scientific study and as essential elements in the construction of knowledge.

This also entails setting up activities and creating educational tools through close collaboration between researchers, associations and teachers so that these narratives and experiences can reach a wide audience of citizens and learners.

Scientific management:

Contact: programmediascom@gmail.com