The Institute of Religious Pluralism and Atheism aims to build a centralised space of sources, literature and valorisation of research on religious pluralism in Europe and the Mediterranean area over a long period (5th to 21st centuries). The target audience is researchers, teachers, students and the general public. It aims to federate the interdisciplinary scientific community on the study of religious pluralism (history, political science, law, philosophy, etc.).

The phenomena of reaffirming religious identities raise the question of religious plurality in our societies. How can believers of different faiths and non-believers peacefully coexist? How can situations of tensions or open conflict be explained? What are the theoretical foundations for thinking about this coexistence, these solidarities, these debates and struggles, whether in theology, political philosophy, sociology or in law, both in the immediate past and in the long term?


Research & scientific valorisation: :

  • Resource centres
  • Scientific events and outreach
  • Giving impetus to and structuring research
  • Help with project implementation

Teaching methods & training::

  • Inter-University Diploma
  • Getting involved with companies, associations, administrations, etc.
  • Online resources and courses
  • Seminars and projects

Public space, the community stakes:

  • Participation and support for community or institutional initiatives
  • Debates, round tables, conferences for the general public/li>
  • Digital training and outreach tools

Co-directors: Anne Vézier et Vincent Vilmain

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