Since 2015, LIPE has developed a unique collaboration between research programmes and education professionals in order to design innovative tools capable of transferring the findings of researchers’ work directly into the classroom.

Researchers from the History, Art History and Archeology department (CRHIA, Research Center for International and Atlantic History, and LARA, Archeology and Architectures Research Laboratory / CReAAH, Center for Research in Archaeology, Archaeosciences, History) and the Digital Encyclopedia of European History (EHNE) worked in close collaboration with a group of secondary school teachers from the Nantes Academy to build, disseminate and test updated scientific content with a young audience of secondary school pupils, high school students and students.

On the strength of this experience in the co-construction of innovative educational materials, LIPE has developed recognised expertise in the field of scientific outreach. It now supports researchers working on Europe and seeking to disseminate their work directly into the classroom in the design and dissemination of their own educational tools.

LIPE’s strengths:

  • A unique collaboration between the worlds of research and education
  • A team of experienced researchers and educational professionals
  • UA network of partners and service providers specialising in web and multimedia tools
  • Tools validated and tested by scientists and teachers