The concept

Created in 2017 on the initiative of the Research Centre for Atlantic and International History (CRHIA) of the University of Nantes in association with the Laboratory of Excellence for Writing Europe’s new narrative (LabEx EHNE) and with the support of La Fabrique des idées Européennes (European Idea Factory) of the Alliance Europa regional programme, LIPE is now supported by the History, Art History and Archeology department (CRHIA and LARA, Archeology and Architectures Research Laboratory).

LIPE is a digital platform providing access to educational resources that are the output of research programmes in the humanities and social sciences with a focus on Europe. This is accomplished in partnership with education professionals. LIPE also provides online courses, consulting and support services for research programmes, and training courses for teachers.

LIPE offers teachers and educators a wide range of educational resources for use in the classroom and provides researchers with a permanent space for sharing and showcasing their work.

Our open access resources

  • Access to educational resources

Through partnerships developed with education specialists, engineers, and web and multimedia specialists, LIPE provides teachers, secondary school pupils and students with a wide range of educational resources created from research programmes on Europe (teaching aids, sound bites, animated maps, videos on visual thinking, serious games and other innovative materials).

Access ressources

  • Online courses

LIPE’s e-learning course videos are created and presented by researchers for secondary school teachers and pupils to let them follow refresher courses remotely.

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Our consulting support services

  • Training in innovative teaching methods

LIPE offers training courses to support teachers in their innovative educational practices. These courses are adapted to pupil/student needs and ensure the transmission of knowledge by fostering understanding and creativity.

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  • Assistance in creating educational tools 

LIPE is also an innovation and creation lab helping research programmes design and produce new educational materials so that they can share their knowledge with a young audience using a play pedagogy approach.

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The LIPE team

A steering committee is currently being set up.

Our partners

  • Nantes Regional Education Department (Rectorat de Nantes)
  • University of Nantes Audiovisual and Multimedia Centre (PAM)
  • Euradio
  • European Association of Education (AEDE)